Take a stand for Briton Ferry

Briton Ferry Action was set up with the goal to help residents within the community tackle local issues together, enable all residents and groups to voice their opinions, encourage commmunity cohesion and help everyone stay safe in their community. We provide both a network for residents, groups and clubs to communicate information to help solve local issues including; Social Isolation, littering, community cacilities, as well as crime, anti social behaviour and how to best protect yourself from fraud and scams. 

Everyone in the community is welcome to join our group and we hope you will participate in helping Briton Ferry achieve the best for its residents.

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Together Ordinary People… Do Extraordinary Things

Our Ethos is based on the theory that a large number of people when taking on small issues in a community can achieve almost anything. Giving everyone a voice and enabling people the tools to achieve the small things they want, delvelops into a whole community evolving into something amazing.


Our Groups Aims

Community Inclusion

Giving everyone in the local community a voice where we can all discuss and put forward changes in a transparent manner.

Tackling Waste

Working together to both report and help each other to keep the local environment clean and tidy.

Crime Reduction

Working as a whole community to identify local issues with crime and anti social behaviour, seeking proactive measures for prevention.

Promoting Activities

Giving a platform for local clubs and events to share activities that all ages in the community can take part in, and allowing residents to meet new people.

Celebrating Achievements

Identifiying and celebrating the achievements of both individuals, teams and groups in the local area, who strive to make Briton Ferry better.

Social Cohesion

Working as a networking platform for local groups, to work as one, as well as encouraging local residents to reduce social isolation within our community.

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