We understand that keeping the area safe and clean for everyone is a big task! That’s why we started the street supporters scheme. 

Street Supporters are volunteers who decide to carry out a small set of tasks, just making the smallest bit of a difference to the area they live in, when combined with all the other champions makes a huge impact to the whole community at large.

We are all busy people… And it seems time flies by faster and faster each day. That’s why we are only asking for 1-2 hours a month to help out. If your able to provide more time then that is GREAT!!! But we are not here to penalise those who can’t help as much and praise those who can, we only aim for everyone to give as little time as they can in the hopes that if we all work together we can achieve huge benefits for the whole community. 

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Tasks Street Supporters undertake


Helping Neighbours with Reporting of Crime


Help keeping their area Clean


Network with Neighbours


Informing local community


Reporting local Issues to Council


Identifying Socially Isolated Individuals

Example Tasks Street Supporters Undertake

  • Report Crime and incidents

  • Keep an eye on your Neighbourhood with Neighbours

  • Inform the wider community through co-ordinators

  • Keep your immediate area clean

  • Provide reports of Fly-tipping to council

  • Invite Neighbours to help out

  • Attend Community Litter picks

  • Update Co-Ordinators / Other Champions

  • Get to know your Neighbours

  •  Bring the community together

  • Befriend elderly residents to improve involvement

  • Pass on information and advice

  • Attend Briton Ferry Watch Meetings

  • Help Organise other Street Champions

  • Arrange Community Walks

  • Volunteer at community Events

  • Helping Local Charites to achieve goals

There is NO Minimum Requirements

We are Simply here to encourage and support you to tackle any tasks that you feel are important to your immediate local area. There are no commitments and no expectations, we just want everyone to work together to help improve the community as a Whole!

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