What We Do?

This page will give you a basic outline as to some of the activities that Briton Ferry Action Group carries out. While many activities are not directly done by ourselves we aim to work as a platform to combine the strengths of all individuals, groups, clubs and charities of Briton Ferry, with the overall goal of improving the local Neighbourhood for everyone.


Keeping the Community Informed

We give a fully transparent platform for local News where we bring the latest developments locally, including Personal Achievements, Local Events, information on Charity and Club’s, Actions carried out by our Street Champions, and anything else newsworthy locally. Our Aim is to keep full transparency with all actions and communications on community issues posted to our news section.

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Monitoring & Reporting Local Incidents

Crime, Anti Social Behavior and the side effects of this are known issues in Briton Ferry, residents have regularly identified issues personal to them related to crime. We take a proactive approach without adopting the “spying on your neighbours” ethos, helping residents to identify hot spots, and prevelent issues, and attempting to work with all residents to find solutions, and where appropriate point them to the best places to report their concerns.

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Encouraging Street Supporters

We have a scheme running in Briton Ferry where anyone can join, we call it Street Supporters! Street Supporters are volunteers who decide to carry out a small set of tasks, just making the smallest bit of a difference to the area they live in, when combined with all the other supporters, it makes a huge impact to the whole community at large. We are Simply here to encourage and support residents to tackle any tasks that you feel are important to your immediate local area. There are no commitments and no expectations…

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Working with the whole community

Based on our aims as a group, we only hope to assist and unify the existing amazing work that is done within Briton Ferry. There are many charity group and clubs in the area who do so much, we hope to be able to provide links, improve partnerships and give a helping hand whereever possible, as well as connecting local residents who are interested in volunteering work to groups who are looking for extra help. If you run a group or would like to volunteer and are not currently in contact with us get in touch with the button below.

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Keeping the whole community Clean

One of our teams personal focused goals is to improve the appearance and keep tidy the whole town of Briton Ferry. We have a firm belief that a messy environment breeds more mess. This is why we work tirelessly to arrange litterpicks, organise street champions, consult with local residents through meetings and relay concerns onto the relevent authorities. We do this with the backing of all members of the group no matter what you do, so joining us alone is enough to help increase our voice and strive for a better Briton Ferry.

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Promoting Local Events

We know that the many amazing groups and clubs through Briton Ferry carry out untold amounts of work to provide oppertunities to all residents of the community from young to old. One of our goals through our sites news section is to both promote the events that are avaliable locally so everyone has something to take part in, and to recognise and celebrate the fine achievements of local groups in their missions to help the community in thier own special ways. We aim to do this through our online News Section which will be kept up to date regularly so be sure to check back to see whats new!

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Supporting Local Business

Everyone understands the challenge of running a business, but not many know that only 1 in 5 business’s will survive the first year (even less so for small local business’s). Because of this we want to help those local residents and businesses who help support our area through just being here and keeping the community alive. We are in the process of developing a FREE local business directory which will be avaliable soon on our website.


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