Incident – James’ Feild – FlyTipping / Fire

Incident reported at James Feild on 15th March 2021 – Matress was set on fire and there was glass smashed on the skatepark area. Briton Ferry Action members visited the site on the same day, located the flytipped matress and broken glass, also identified another small generic fly tip and litter across the whole field.

On speaking to local residents identified there was no litter bins at the site.

Incident reported to the Borough Councillor Hugh James – Who said will action

Reported to the council online and requested the following:
– Removal of the Matress
– Cleaning of Glass
– Removal of small fly tip ruskin street end
– Removal of litter scattered across the feild

Reference for Report to NPT Council: 1412288

Team have also spoken to The Cabinet Member for Community Safety and Public Protection (Leanne Jones) who is going to enquire about getting some council service bins added to the feild, as this is surely a contributing factor to littering there.

Incident photo:

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