Appeal – Easter Eggs for Children of Briton Ferry – SPAG – BF Boys & Girls Club

Local organisations SPAG (Supporting People and Achieving Goals) and Giant’s Grave Boys & Girls Club are putting out an appeal to the residents of Briton Ferry for Easter eggs to be donated to their new worthy project, to give eveery child in Briton Ferry an Easter Egg this Easter from the community. The target set is 1000 easter eggs, and while it may seem a lot, if everyone helps out with what they can its a very achieveable goal.

The aim of the project is to give 1 egg to each child in the local area, without any prejudice against the income of the family or parents, ensuring that each child locally will get at least one egg this easter. While for many of us in the community sparing £1 for an egg could be described as “nothing” for many parents in the community who are facing hardship, often exacerbated by the extra costs the Coronovirius pandemic has brought, finding that extra few pounds at special events can really be a mammoth task.

The groups have asked “If you are able to donate whether it is 1 or 100 all donations will be appreciated. You can either drop them off at the Boys & Girls Club or we can collect just inbox us.”

It is requested that in order to aid how this project is run that people please donate actual easter eggs and NOT money for eggs on this occasion.

From Monday 29th March 2021 the Barn will be open for Free School meals, so the building will be open between 10am and 2pm and as such eggs can be freely dropped there in this time, although as mentioned above the organising team are willing to come collect if needed.

You can find more information and get in contact via the facebook page where you will also find contact email and telephone numbers.

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