Action – Briton Ferry RFC Installs Community Defibrillators

Today Briton Ferry RFC announced that along with partners Llansawel Bowls, and Briton Ferry Cricket club that they have installed a new community defibrillator at their site in Briton Ferry.

These Life Saving Devices can be used in the event of a cardiac arrest alongside CPR to give any casualty the best chances of survival until an ambulance and more advanced care can get to the person. The devices can be accessed via a code given by the 999 operator in the event they feel the patient would require use of the device. The Devices are designed to give instructions to the user and although training is avaliable is not a requirement for use of the device.

The team of Brition Ferry Action are glad to see another of these devices fitted in the community, following the recent addition of one outside Ty Llansawel, and the existing unit at The Barn, bringing the total readily avaliable to the public to 3. There is also plans for 2 defibrillator units owned by the town council to be placed in cabinets throughout the community.

The Following is the statement issued by Briton Ferry RFC today via thier facebook page;

Briton Ferry RFC along with Llansawel Bowls and Briton Ferry Cricket club are pleased to confirm the installation of a defibrillator for use of the members of our sporting bodies and the wider community of Briton Ferry East. We hope the equipment will not be required, but having the equipment situated on site will hopefully provide reassurance to everyone. We thank all the relevant sporting bodies for their financial support in making this project possible. Also Thanks to Rhys Davies for installing the equipment.

You can get more information about Briton Ferry RFC at thier facebook page or via their website at

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