Action – Briton Ferry McDonalds Litterpick

A Litter Pick was held today by McDonalds in Briton Ferry. McDonalds Staff as well as some residents from the community turned up in force to sweep the streets, lanes and sidings of litter. A Total of 27 bags of litter were collected and some larger dumped items reported to the council for collection.

The Pickers spent a full 4 hours picking the streets clean and tackled a fairly large collection of litter within the bramble bushes near the Rose and Crown Pub footpath to the roundabout which has accumilated over the years, with around 12 bags being collected from this site alone.

Special Thanks to local resident Gareth Rice who was out there and picking himself, and has provided us with the following photos from todays Litterpick:

It is great to see a Business in our community carrying out grassroots community work and helping to improve the local area for everyone. We have reached out to McDonalds to see if going forward this will be a regular occurrance in the area, and will update this article when we get a reply.

You can find out more news from Briton Ferry McDonalds at their Facebook page:

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